30 types of backlinks in SEO 2020

Types of backlinks

30 types of backlinks in SEO 2020

Importance of types of backlinks

A link building is an essential part of SEO including content. Before creating a backlink we should understand what types of backlinks we must do and what we shouldn’t do. There are no fixed parameters or factors that matter to rank in SERP. We learn what Google likes or dislikes from studies, observations, experiments, announcements because Google hasn’t declared any list of factors or parameters based on which they rank websites. However, one thing is confirmed that link building affects a lot to our websites to rank in SERP.

Google expects a genuine link building from website owners, bloggers, content writers, journalists, SEO experts, publishers. If I have my own website and I read an article on a different website of the same niche and I find the blog valuable, then I give a link to that website. This is what Google likes, but if we violate Google’s guidelines just to earn a backlink then it will create a mess for us only.



Major types of backlinks

Basically, there are two major types of backlinks i.e Do-follow backlink and No-follow backlink. Rest all types come under these two types. We must ensure whether the backlink we are getting is do-follow or no-follow. Do follow backlink tells the search engine to follow the link and give value to the website, whereas no-follow backlink tells the search engines to ignore the link and don’t give value to the website. Still, as I mentioned earlier we can’t be sure about this. We only learn by studies, observations, experiments because if we are getting a no-follow backlink from an authoritative site then also it helps us to improve our SEO value.

A backlink defines search engines that how important or trustworthy the website is. It’s not only about the number of links we create, but about the quality, authority, trust, and type of a backlink we create.

Before knowing the types of backlinks, here are some factors that affect the link value.


Factors that affect the link value

1) Relevancy of the link

Relevancy is the factor that impacts a lot. If your niche is a technology and you are taking a backlink from a health website then it will be irrelevant. Such a link will provide you less value or no value which can impact lowering the rank in SERP.


2) Pagerank of the website

We can not claim that it affects more but yes PageRank of the website from which we are getting a backlink adds a value. No matter which types of backlinks you are getting, but higher page ranks provide higher value.


3) Do-follow or No-follow

As mentioned earlier do-follow backlink always puts link value and no-follow backlink puts no link value or less link value. Though no-follow backlink provides no value, it can bring traffic to our website. High authoritative no-follow any types of backlinks are more important

4) Location of a placed link

It has been seen always that a link from the main body of the website gives more value than other locations like footer, sidebar, header, advertisement area. Again if you are getting one backlink from the main body of a low authoritative website and one backlink from the footer area of a high authoritative website then the link value from a higher authoritative website will be higher.

5) Authority of a website

How the authority of a website affects the link value that we have seen above. Even if we get a no-follow backlink from an authoritative website then also it sends more value through that link. The Pageranks of such authoritative websites are most probably higher. No matter if we are getting a backlink from the header, footer, sidebar of a high authority website, it will provide high value always.

6) Spam score of the website

It’s not as important as the authority of a website, but like a Pagerank factor, it too affects a little bit comparatively. We should always look at the spam score while building a link from it. If we make a backlink from such a site and in future if that site gets penalized then there are chances that Google will penalize or degrade our website too.
Now let’s see the types of backlinks. There are good and bad types of backlinks.


types of backlinks 


Types of backlinks

1) Contextual or Editorial backlinks

The primary motto of Google to give value to links has placed in these types of backlinks because these are nothing but the natural links which Google expects. If I like any content of the different websites of the same niche and I give a backlink to those websites because of the detailed information, then it’s called ‘Editorial backlink’ or ‘Editorial mention’. The fact is these types of backlinks are recommended more, but it’s not being followed in the SEO industry.

Not necessarily, but editorial links are created if you have evergreen and quality content. Evergreen because if you write temporary content then there will be no use giving a backlink. The content should be engaging, unique. It should grab and hold the attention of the reader. Also, the content should be shareable on different social media platforms. If you make such Evergreen, engaging, unique, and shareable content then it will definitely increase the chances of getting an editorial backlink.


2) Guest blogging backlinks

Guest blogging

In earlier days guest blogging was a powerful method to create a backlink. Most of the sites allow guest blogging for the sake of generating links instead of providing valuable content to a reader.  Still, Google does not deny guest blogging if quality content is being given. Guest blogging values are not as popular as it was earlier, but you can leave an editorial backlink through it.

links from guest blogging are a solid technique to assemble trust and authority through other persuasive distributions. Guest blogging gives you a chance to write an article for any other website and add your backlink to the main content. Again link value factors should be noted before writing a guest blogging to any site. Guest blogging types of backlinks will be recommended only if they are genuine.


3) Blog commenting backlinks

Blog comment backlink

It was one of the popular methods until 2005 when Google introduced no-follow links. It allows you to comment on any blog and link it back to your website. Most of the spammers use this technique to spam by simply leaving comments like “nice blog” or “Good work” and add a backlink to their websites. We must avoid blog commenting on such websites which allow auto-approve of comments.

The right way of blog commenting is to read the whole article, appreciate the author about it, add more points for that article, or tell errors of the article to the author. Your blog comment should be mentioned briefly but not largely. A good bond must be created through your comment. You must have an updated profile of Gravatar. Instead of your name, you must use a keyword. You should not post any comment just to earn a backlink.


4) Author bio backlinks

Author's bio backlink

Some of the site owners don’t allow to add a backlink in the main content instead they allow to add in the Author’s bio. Comparatively, the author’s bio backlink has less link value than guest blogging but still, it puts value. Earlier author’s used to add exact match anchor text in their bios. The author’s bio types of backlinks are majorly recommended compared to blog commenting.


5) Inbound backlinks

Inbound links are those that we make within the website from another post. They are so useful as they engage the visitor within your website and Google to understand our hold on the website by these links. Even the Yoast SEO plugin suggests adding inbound types of backlinks.


6) Business profile backlinks

business profile backlink

A business profile is the one that provides a quick introduction to the reader about business overview. It will be a resume for your company. To get a business profile you have to create it on review websites, industry directories, professional reference websites, social media. If you create a business profile for your business, you can earn a strong backlink for your website.


7) Forum or discussion board backlinks

Forums are the platforms where similar minded people discuss some topics, provide solutions, share knowledge, and useful information. A forum can be used to generate a genuine backlink. You can easily generate a backlink if you have a genuine solution and the forum is highly authoritative.


8) Authoritative directories backlinks

Directory backlink

I am not talking about general directories which are spammy. I am talking about relevant, reputed, authoritative, quality directories. Google accepts if you generate a backlink from relevant and high authority websites. These types of backlinks must be followed and spammy directory links must be ignored.


9) Article submission backlinks

Article submission backlink

Article directories are different from the general directories. They are those websites or you can say ‘Farm of content‘ that permits you to submit your article and syndicate it so that it can be reused by other website owners on their websites. It gives you an opportunity to include your link in the article. When site owners copy your article on their websites, your link starts multiplying. Article submission types of backlinks will be cherished if they would have been taken from authoritative websites.


10) Social Bookmarking backlinks

Social bookmarking is the method for users to save the content for the purpose of revisiting that web page. It is publically visible and it can be shared too. Like a browser bookmark, social bookmarking provides not only to save them but also to categories, share them. If you are thinking of a backlink then social bookmarking will be a good option for you.


11) Social media posts, profiles, comments backlinks

Social media backlink

It is another way to earn traffic through a backlink on social media post or a profile or comment. Whenever you publish an article on your website, make sure to link it on social media profiles. You will always get a no-follow link from there. These types of backlinks will not be helpful in terms of SEO value but it will surely drive traffic to your website.


12) Web 2.0 sites backlinks

Web 2.0 sites are those where the owner and reader both can interact. These websites are CMS (Content management systems) like Wix, WordPress, Blogger. Our social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn also come under web 2.0 sites. The main thing is a link that you get from these sites brings value because of their high authority.

You must check the 300+ web 2.0 sites list. I have mentioned them with DA, PA, and Moz rank. Many of them are free and provides a do-follow backlink.


13) Webinar backlinks

To understand what a webinar is, you can differentiate the terms like ‘web’ & ‘seminar’.  You can say it is a lecture, seminar, meeting conducted by one or number of speakers with the audience over the web in the form of audio or video. If you become the speaker and provide a piece of valuable information then audiences will often embed your video or audio on their pages. Webinar types of backlinks are hard to gain.


14) Free tools, extensions, plugins, widgets backlinks

Free tools like getting IFSC code, Checking PNR status, calculating loan amount, currency value converter can help you to generate links to your website. It can also drive traffic to your website along with backlink if you ask to sign up by offering them paid tools free. You can also create a simple plugin, an extension, or a widget that will solve problems. By offering any such thing we can get editorial links for our website.


15) Acknowledgment backlinks

These types of backlinks can be created by your relationship, bond, sponsorship, rapport with the website owner. If you have built a good rapport with journalists, content writers, website owners, bloggers, etc. then you can get an acknowledgment backlink. Also, an acknowledgment backlink can be earned by sponsoring an event, donating money. If you donate a small amount to non-profit authorized websites then too you can earn a powerful backlink.


16) Badge backlinks

This method can be utilized if you award other brands with a badge for their status on your site. In such cases, those brands publish your created badge on their website and you will gain a backlink for your own.


17) Newsworthy press release backlinks

Press release backlink

A press release is a written newsworthy content for the members of the media. The press release’s backlink can provide high link value because of its authority. Google stated that since press releases perceive advertisements, hence they should give no-follow backlink. If your company or brand has a newsworthy announcement to share, you can create a powerful backlink.


18) Domain redirects backlinks

There are two types of redirection i.e. 301 redirection and 302 redirection. 302 redirection is used when our domain URL goes temporarily under construction. 301 redirection is from an old domain URL to a new domain URL. It passes 90 – 99 % of existing authority and link value.

Many SEO experts buy an expired domain of the same niche and redirects it to their money website just to gain its authority and traffic. This is how they earn not only a strong backlink but also the authority and traffic of that domain.


19) Resource pages backlinks

Resource pages backlinks

Resource pages are the pages that contain a list of resources or links about any topic. For example, a resource page will have a list of ‘useful pet accessories’ where you will find multiple links about that topic. A resource page is a good option for building a link. If you have detailed and valuable content then there might be a chance that your link will be added to a resource page. Also, you can post your content on resource pages with your link included.


20) Testimonial and review backlinks

Testimonial and review backlink

In testimonial links, you are allowed to write your opinion about another website. You write a review about other website’s services or products on review websites. In both cases, you get a link for your website.


21) Email newsletter backlinks

Email newsletter backlink

If you have a huge email subscriber’s list and you regularly mail them about your posts, products, events then also it will work as a backlink. Though it will not provide you link value, it will definitely bring traffic to your website and establish a relationship with your subscribers. You must have email collecting forms on your website.


22) Q&A website backlinks

Q&A site backlink

It is an ongoing working method to get a backlink from Question & Answer websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Mind the book, etc. Most of the time you get a no-follow link from them but still, it gives value to the link because of their high authority. You can answer any question and mention your site’s link to it. Also if you already have written a blog related to any question then you can redirect traffic to your website by mentioning a link in the answer.


23) Infographics backlinks

Infographics are a combination of information and graphics presented to understand an overview of the content quickly and easily. We are living in a rapidly growing world where we want the required information in an easy and short format. You must have heard that people are turning from text to videos because it provides information in a quick and short format. Infographics do the same job.

An Infographic adjusts all the conclusions of the whole content in a short graphic format. It grabs the attention of the reader, makes it easy to understand, gives an overview, appeals to a reader to share it. Whenever any reader shares your infographic anywhere, you get a backlink from it. Big companies focus on Infographics to present their products. Hence infographic types of backlinks must be followed.


24) Image submission backlinks

Image submission backlinks

Image submission is a method of submitting an optimized image to other websites including your website’s URL linked to it. This method too provides no-follow link but it provides organic referral traffic to your website. There are many image submission and local sites which allow you to submit an image on their portal.
You might have seen on Google’s image section that if you click on any image it takes you to their website. Those are nothing but ‘Image submission links’. While submitting any image you must take care of its optimization, alt text, file name, format. Social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram act as image submission sites too.


25) Video submission backlinks

Video submission backlinks

Video submission is also the same as image submission. While submitting a video you must take care of title, description, tags. Though like image submission they provide a no-follow link, videos provide more traffic as compared to any types of backlinks.

A study revealed that nowadays people prefer video information than text information. Hence people are creating channels on video submission sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. They provide information in the video and mention their website’s link in the description which acts as a backlink.


26) Pdf submission backlinks

pdf submission backlink

These types of backlinks are rarely seen but they supply value to your site. There are many pdf submission sites like Slideshare, Issuu, Mediafire, Calameo which grants pdf submission. You can mention your website in the article and save that article in pdf format. Then you can submit your pdf file on these websites. Users of these websites will be redirected to your website if they will read your article.


27) Paid backlinks

As the title says, these links can be earned by paying some value like giving money, exchanging links, giving services or goods free, sending product at free of cost. These types of backlinks come under black hat SEO and they are opposite to Google’s guidelines. Doing such practices may penalize or degrade your website in SERP.  Hence you must not participate in such schemes and focus on providing valuable content to gain genuine links.


28) Backlinks from header, footer, sidebar 

In early days there was a trend to earn a link from the header, footer, or the sidebar of a website. Google clearly mentioned that these types of backlinks carry no weight of link value to rank. We must avoid placing the links in these locations.


29) Private blog network backlinks

In a private blog network, they create multiple blogs or websites to send an authority or link juice to their main money website. These types of backlinks are black hat SEO techniques and it must be avoided or else your website will get penalized permanently.


30) Links exchange or reciprocal backlinks

Reciprocal links can be obtained by the agreement between two website owners to link back to each other’s websites. In early days this process was working accurately, but later when it turned into link exchange schemes then it moved into black hat SEO technique.



Backlinks play an essential role in the SEO industry. For a long time, it’s importance hasn’t decreased. Hence knowing the types of backlinks as important as writing awesome content. Getting a do-follow or no-follow backlink definitely matters but before that knowing the authority, trust, spam score, relevancy of the website matters equally. I hope I have cleared all the types of backlinks above. If you have any question you can comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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